Pole Fitness for Teenagers

Is Pole Fitness appropriate for children? Tricky question that will certainly raise several eyebrows! I have a 12 year old daughter who loves to have a spin on the pole. She is a keen gymnast and therefore much of the strength needed is already in place. She has been teased at school by the occasional "your mom is a pole dancer' - but, to her credit she has ignored their ignorance. I recently read an article objecting to children being taught Pole fitness (in all or any of it's forms I am assuming) and can't help but feel that that says more about the person objecting than the exercise.

Now, I do realise that I may be slightly (only slightly you understand ..lol) biased and do therefore try and see things from the others' point of view. Having previously been quite religious and as conservative I do find it relatively easy to put that old hat on and try and think with my old school of thought. I am sure that I would have been totally horrified by the thought of my precious angel being defiled by such a sordid affair. So..... where does this leave me?? There is absolutley no moral dilemma as far as I can now see. Pole, not too dissimilar to a rebelious teenage that paints the town red and shames their parent endlessly.... has moved through the seedy stage of it's life cycle (see article re origins of Pole) and has now matured to the well rounded adult life that is a bonified sport!

To summarise my thoughts on this... Just as it is acceptable for my 12 year old daughter to be taught to swing around a horizontal bar at her local gymnastics club... she can be taught to swing around a vertical one!

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